Thursday, November 17, 2011

WET Wednesday!!


It's been raining around here since last night. I took a quick video of what I went to bed and I will get it up soon! Plus a really funny kitty video!

Anyway,  today is no different! The news said we are going get some serious storms as the day goes on. I love the rain and I am happy that I can enjoy it from inside my house and not have to be out in it. With a big dog, it makes it a bit harder. After he goes out to the bathroom, I have to bring him back in, wipe his feet off, dry the rain off his coat just to make sure he doesn't get mud all over the carpets. Cats are easier!!  Speaking of cats, last night I had to shut the bedroom door because the kitty's wouldn't stop climbing all over me and Willow drove us nuts with all her meowing wanting back in. Willow is one of those cats, that you don't really pay much attention to because she just isn't a wild crazy kind of cat. But she still very much a people cat and she has separation anxiety. It worries me what she must go through when we actually leave.

Let me tell you about a dream I had this morning.

I was in a bathroom as a 30 something year old woman and I walked around the corner and was in a totally different bathroom. When I looked in the mirror, I had to been a 70 year old woman. I wasn't shocked but I did have a scary feeling that came across to me. I didn't look that bad, but it was the first time ever seeing myself look like that. My hair wasn't real short and curly as is most elderly people. It was shoulder length and just with a couple curls in it.  I remember just staring into the mirror and then I woke up to Scott calling.  I don't how old I was, I just have to assume I was in my 70's. Its pretty crazy. Maybe I will live that long!

I don't have many plans today. I got to toss some laundry around, and I have a TON of coupons to clip asap. I should be going to the store today but I am skipping out on it because of the rain and I am going to just go tomorrow. Good thing, since I slept in really late. It felt great though! I will be getting some reviews up today and also some more fall recipes!

Anyway, have a good day!

Be back in a bit to chat more!

K Jaggers

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