Friday, November 18, 2011

The BEST carpet cleaner I have found

Now this is not going to be a " pretty " post.. I want to make sure you all know that right up front. If you guys own cats, you know that they sick time to time.. Hairballs, sensitive stomach issues, over eating, you name it.. it happens to cats. Same for dogs I suppose.. minus the hair balls!

Well when I woke up today I found this little present waiting on me..

Brace yourselves..

Looks like over eating to me.. This was not waste.. it was from one of them getting sick to their stomachs! But I don't like stains on the carpet. Last night, I dropped my spoon from the Chocolate Mocha pudding I made. - You can see that post RIGHT HERE. Scott was concerned that we would never get it out of the carpet. Well, I had to show him what works.. and then today with the mess that I had, I figured it was time I share it with you too!

My secret super dooper carpet cleaner is..

This Shout Cleaner that you use on clothes. Now this does not say anything about cleaning carpets. The bottle states to spray the gel on the stain. If possible, wait at least 5 minutes for gel to penetrate. It also says you can wait even over night if you want. It does warn to not pretreat khaki or fluorescent colors more than a few minutes. It also says some stains like rust, bleach damage, paint, ink. or dyes may be impossible to remove.

So if you are nervous about trying this on your carpet, try it in a small spot that is back in the corner.

So I sprayed that on the stain..

went in used the bathroom, made my coffee, turned on the tv and then went back with a

old damp rag and started scrubbing it. I normally just wet 1/2 the rag and leave the other half dry. I start out scrubbing it with the wet part and then go over it with the dry part of the towel..

And look..

Stain gone. Now in this picture, its pretty damp still but it dried and I took the vacuum over it and its gone.

I love love love this for not only stains on your clothes but the carpets too!!!

Works like a charm!

Ohh.. remember you don't want to over due it with the spray because you will have to work harder at getting it out of the carpet. It kinda foams up like a soap. a little goes a long way!

Do you have a secret to removing stains????

Send them to me and I will share them!

K Jaggers

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