Friday, November 18, 2011


Hello everyone. How was your Thursday?? I hope it was better than mine! I got a ticket today and I am not too happy about it. I guess it was my fault. I was speeding and just didn't know it. I swear that what happens when you move a lot like I do. I mean, shit. its hard to remember all the speed limits. I think sometimes they space those signs far apart so they can catch you in the act! But nothing that we can't handle.

I also got the the grocery store and super happy that things are stocked back up around here. I really need to clean out the frig because I am pretty sure we got some science experiments going on in there. When I got home I worked really fast to put everything away so I could sit down and do the Married Life Post. I wanted to get it up today. I was afraid I wouldn't. If you didn't read it yet you can click
RIGHT HERE to get to it. This weeks topic was brought to us from " Stalker Girl." So by all means, this is a post not to be missed if you are in a relationship. I want to hear your feedback too. Send those emails. As I have said many times, I love hearing from you. I love when my phone dings and I see that it's a reader with a thought or comment about something I have put on here. I do NOT share you email addresses or names. I just don't like that idea. When I had comments on here, I think a lot of people were hesitant to just write what they felt with their names attached. Yes, I know who you are or at least who your email states but most of the time, I still don't know you. After that mean stalker girl I just like to have comments sent to my email. I know this is not custom to bloggers but its the way this blog is operating. I don't see it changing either. Since I have done email only, I have received a ton more comments that I ever did just having them on the blog! So please keep them coming! And thank you.

I haven't been feeling so good today. I have had a runny nose, I have been sneezing a lot and my chest hurts. I think I have my first cold of the year. Oddly, my throat isn't hurting yet. Better knock on this wood coffee table before I wake up tomorrow not able to talk! My back is hurting too and I think that is the cold. I don't have back pain too often but tonight it's ever present. Its cold here tonight. I think its in the low 30's. That's probably why I am not feeling good or maybe its from the shopping cart at Walmart. I forgot to wipe it off today and maybe I got some nasty germs. I don't know but I want to feel better. So I guess I better take some cold medicine.

Another thing I am going to be trying tonight is..


tea. My mom is swearing by this stuff. She says she drinks a cup, lays down and it knocks her out. I mean, could it really be that easy? I just got this today and I will be having some in just a bit. I will have to add sugar. And the smell is pretty strong and I am not so crazy about it but I am going to get one cup in me if not 2. I am trying tonight sleeping pill free. Yea. don't know how this is going to turn out. I might have to take some after  tossing and turning for hours but I am giving this a shot. Mom has never took a sleep med in her life, I don't think. So I bet this might work for her better than me! I will be doing a review next week sometime on what I think of this.

Speaking of mom.. look at the pictures she sent me!!

She made the chicken from the WEDNESDAY NIGHT DINNER POST!!!!

And here is the finished dinner..

She stood her chicken up over the veggies and that works great too! She even added a kick of beer to make it a little more tasty! Love that!!

I also love when I get pictures like this!! If you try a recipe send more in!! I love it!!

Ok.. some blog notes for you guys!!

I got a comment/question asking why I stay on the blog all the time. That the little roatating globe always has my city on it.

Here's the answer..

I am on the blog a lot, I am putting up post, looking for post, proof reading.. generally staying busy. But my city is not Shelby anymore. It does show Shelby but to be very honest, I don't live in Shelby anymore. I am kinda glad the globe still shows Shelby but also... its not always me. There are other people in Shelby who read the blog. Husby reads it often at the dealership, along with some others from the dealership and I have a few friends around here that read it too. So don't just assume its always me!

Thanks for reading and thanks for asking though!

You will also notice right ↓ below the globe ↓ that there is a new list of recent post. I changed it up a bit to add more post and a little snippet of the post. So take advantage of that. A lot of my readers come from facebook and I always link up my post to there but some don't and when I do a post with a lot of pictures sometimes that takes up the entire post. I know a lot of people don't always use the little tab at the bottom - OLDER POST - so this new feature is for you guys!

I will also be kinda editing some of the side bar information. I realize now there is a lot of stuff on the side and maybe I should take a few things down. If I do take something off that you like and something you use, please let me know and I will get it back up!

Tomorrow, I have no big plans during the day. I hope to get some things around the house done and I hope to get the frig cleaned out. Tomorrow night we are suppose to be going to this ice skating event but I am not too sure about it. If I am not feeling good, I am for sure not going. Scott is unsure if he can get off work, and its about an hour away. So not sure but we will figure it all out tomorrow.

Well, time to fix that tea and climb in the bed.

Have a great Friday!!


K Jaggers

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