Saturday, November 12, 2011


a cold fall day

I guess you guys maybe could tell that I had too much wine last night because last night and today, I thought it was SATURDAY!!! When the clock rolled over at midnight.. I thought the weekend was here. Hell, I didn't want to sleep all day on a Friday!! I found out it wasn't Saturday when I turned on the tv and hit the ~ List ~ button and saw The View recorded. Then I realized I was totally wrong!!
Not the weekend yet!!

Well today here in the Carolina's, it is really cold out. It's in the 40's. Yea... to me that's cold. I just let the dog out and I basically ran back inside the house and got the fireplace going! I like cooler weather but I do not like cold weather!!  Scott said he was on the blog today and knew I was confused about the day! Kinda sad, because if it was Saturday he would be coming home 2 hours sooner!!

I don't really have any plans today. I am just working around the house and I am going to be working on that updated video of my powder room. Its one of the most requested video's ever. I don't know if I will have it totally done and upload today but I am sure going to give it a try. First though, I have to pick it up a little more before doing any videos in there!

Also.. I want to talk about Twitter a little more.. I am so sorry I don't get it updated like I should. I am a FACEBOOK lover and I update that many times during the day! But I am going to work really hard to get back on TWITTER and keep it updated for you! You can see the tweets over on the → side of the blog. Its the little box that says Twitter Me Happy! Feel free to chat with me on there too.  I know at least I should be adding to the new post to Twitter every time. Another thing I fail to do! But working harder on it from this point on!

Ohhh.. I guess you can tell, I switched the font to another, easier to read font. I got an email today from a reader that expressed for her, it was not so easy to read this blog. She said the font was a little messy and asked if there was anything I could do about it. Since I write this blog, not only for myself but for all of you, I changed it. I hope you can read things easier. Send me emails and let me know what you think!

Well today is Veterans Day..

I want to take a minute to say thank you for all the Veterans that have served for us.

My grandfather served in the Korean War and he use to always talk about it and I remember all the things he told me. It meant the world to him to have served his country.

And right now, we have a member of our family serving over seas too. It's Scott's brothers son and he away right now. He is such a beautiful young man and I really worry about him. He is just doing what he feels right and we are very proud of him.


Boy this Jerry Sandusky scandal is crazy. Its been on the news for days and I can't believe so many people turned a blind eye to what he was doing. They said he could get over 460 years in prison for what he has done. You know, I think if you hurt a child either sexually or physically ( yes, I know they are both physically) but if you do.. you should get life in prison. No parole. No second chances so they will have the chance to do it again. I don't think you can change a child predator. I think that a problem that nothing we do will solve. So just lock every one of them up. You know, on Halloween night all the registered sex offenders in this area had to report to the sheriff dept until trick or treating was over. I actually think that was brilliant and well done. Well done. I just have a problem with anyone doing this to children. Innocent children. It's really sad and I hope he is never free again.

Well going to get a few things done around here.

Stay tuned for more post to come!


K Jaggers

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