Thursday, November 17, 2011

- Couponing ~

Everyone knows, I am not a huge coupon kind of person. I always forget to take them, and when I do I always forget to use them. 

With our grocery bill getting so high over the last few months, I am really trying to put an effort into saving money at the store. Really one of our biggest expenses is the animals. The cats cost an insane amount of money and that is one of the areas that I am hoping to really start saving money with coupons.  

Tonight I got busy clipping and organizing coupons. You know, I am new to this. This by far is probably not the most efficient way to deal with coupons. But this is the way I am starting out. If you have other ideas let me know. My sister in law thinks I should use a big binder and organize it by isle by isle but I am not going to carry a binder through the grocery store. Maybe one day but for now this is how I am working.   

I have just been piling up the coupon inserts till I was ready to get them clipped. 

Since I am heading to the store tomorrow, I thought I better get started. 

Look who my little helper was. Guess he wants to save money on kitty treats!

I took close to an hour to get all these clipped. 

I sorted them in piles


Health and Beauty


Pet items

and I even sorted some of the recipes that came in the coupon inserts. 

This is what I bought to sort the coupons out. 

Nothing fancy and not too big. 

It has 12 slots and now I realize maybe I should have gotten a larger one but I wanted something that would fit in my purse or bag. 

Here is the labels I wrote out. The first tab is grocery list items. I figured that this little slot would work well for  when I write out the grocery list and go through the coupons and this the area that would hold the ones I plan on using. The rest is pretty much self explanatory. 

I got the labels put in

Coupons sorted where they go 

and closed it all up. 

I sure hope this helps. To me based on the coupons, I think I will save more on household items rather than groceries. I am not into printing them off yet, but I am going to get better with that too! 

Do you guys have any great couponing tips!? 

Email me and let me know what works best for you !!

K Jaggers

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