Friday, November 18, 2011

HA! What a day!!

Ok. here is my day up till now..

I took off.. got gas, headed to Walmart.

got my coupons right in the front of my cart..

Started shopping..

BTW.. have you seen the new Barilla Pasta Sauces??

Of course I got some.. and will be sure to let you guys know how good they are!

Kept shopping..

Got checked out.. Saved about $25.00 with the coupons..

Loving that!!

Got the grocery's

loaded in the trunk..

Drove back towards my house..

The sun was shinning so bright..

But its a lie.. Its freezing out. I didnt' wear a jacket and I turned into an ice cube.

Was talking on the phone with my mom when I passed a police officer

who pulled me over. Yep.. got a ticket for speeding. I have been dancing around this police officer for months. I see her all the time. She sees me all the time and now.. she just gave me a new bill for about $ 160.00.. GREAT... not..

Was very thankful that I was allowed to come home and go to jail.

I was bringing my grocries in and sitting them on the floor..

and the cats were loving it.. And before I got them out of the house, they managed to tear a package of ground round and had a snack..

WOW.. should have just stayed home today!!

Thankfully, I am here and this is where I am staying the rest of tonight and tomorrow too!!

More post to come!

But got to pick up around here first.

K Jaggers

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