Friday, November 18, 2011

NEW UPDATE How I Keep my life, my family and even my blog organized!! [ VIDEO ]

[ I just added an updated section at the bottom of this post, so check it out! ]

Ok.. last night I made this video so everyone knows how I keep my life together. Even though I don't work.. I stay pretty busy! This is how I keep it all together!


Thanks for watching!

I also forgot to include the google calendar that I use often too!

I wanted to show you guys this calender book because I told you guys about how I staple receipts to the book and things so here is another great example for you guys on how I stay organized..

Clearly this is for 2010

as you can see its pretty full

Here is my old address!!

as you can see here are the receipts stapled to the pages

additional notes

I love this page, Scott's Valentine news paper announcement!

Scott's little band from where he had surgery

and also more post it notes when the pages are full..

and even more receipts.

even paint colors

and business cards stapled in.

At the back I kept my

holiday card list - which is why I got this book out anyway -

and even more notes on different things.

It really is important to write stuff down to keep a life straight. And when you are juggling more than one life then its super important!!

Do you guys have any calender ideas??

Send them to me!

K Jaggers

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