Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Saturday!!

Hello everyone!

I am trying to wake up and get myself together for today. I am not in much of a hurry to do anything. I do want to enjoy a hot shower in a bit but right now, I am still waking up! Husby only works till 4 pm today so I don't have long to clean myself up and clean up the house. I don't know how much I will get done but who cares. I am not on any kind of schedule today! The only thing really on my to do list is sweep the kitchen floor and work on cleaning up the study so we can get our Christmas tree put up in there tomorrow. Heck, I might even have husby hang the lights up outside today!

BTW.. you guys ever put some chocolate bar in your coffee?? OMG.. Yummmm!! A little chocolate never hurt anyone! I told Scott last night I want to find some chocolate toothpaste! Well.. not brown but maybe clear that taste like chocolate! It would be so much better than those harsh minty flavors! Sometimes regular toothpaste is so strong for me that it actually makes my eyes water. I kid you not...that's one of the reasons I like bubble gum toothpaste. I can't do spicy and some of those tooth pastes just lit my mouth up!!

It looks kinda cold out but I don't know what the weather is. Like I said last night, I don't think I am going any where today. I haven't even let the dog out yet. He is taking a clue from me and still sleeping. I asked him if he wanted out, and he just looked up at me and laid his head back down. I am doing a little better with the dog. I still don't trust him and I am watching him like a hawk around the cats and kittens but I'm trying. I even bought the asshole some treat at the store yesterday. Like I told Scott, if he was German Shepard or some big dog that was known to be aggressive, then I wouldn't be as upset. But I don't expect that out of Cooper who his a Golden Retriever. Thats huge.. I think that I just don't except him to act that way. Husby said maybe I should start expecting it. Yea right.. He doesn't have the right to act that way with any member of the family.

I have lots of post coming up today, so be sure to stay tuned!! I really do want a shower so that's where I am heading and then I will be back with more post!

Hope you have a great weekend!


K Jaggers

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