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Hello friends! I am going to be talking about the ECO TOOLS LIMITED EDITION BEAUTIFUL EXPRESSIONS KABUKI SET I got yesterday in → THIS HAUL ←.

I used these a bit last night and today and I don't need to keep using them for days to get a proper review up.

Lets get started!!

I was on the hunt for these yesterday and the only place I found them is Walgreens, up high on a top shelf . Like I said in the haul, I asked for them and the girl had no idea what I was talking about. Sooooo.. I kept looking and found them!! And I was kind enough to show here what they were and where they were! But I had checked Walmart, CVS, and Rite Aid and nothing..

Thank you Walgreens!!

I think they are put in the box wrong. All of them have the angled brush under bronze and I think that's the contour brush and the contour brush is actually the bronze brush. When taking these pictures, I didn't change up the brushes.


This set cost $ 14.99 and are


Limited Edition..

So you are going to want to get these asap. I don't know how long they are going to be around. I am going back and buying at least 2 more for Christmas gifts!

Here's the product details!!


Ok.. Here are the brushes without the packaging..

And I did move them around!

Here is

The Buff Kabuki

As you can see its a flat top kabuki brush that is great for blending in any powder to your face. I have used this one in a circular motion over my face with a translucent powder and loved it.

Here is the


Conceal Round Kabuki

This is one of my favorites out of the entire set. First off, this is a great concealer brush because its small and compact allowing you to get in all the tiny areas around the nose and eyes. It also works great for foundation too. I used it today for both, foundation and concealer. LOVE IT!! Its is actually pretty firm and that is great for a foundation or concealer brush.

Here is the

Bronze Angled Kabuki Brush


This brush is great for any powder product. It works beautifully to add any powder product to your face. I think pretty much this as the others, is a multi use kind of brush!

Here is the

Contour domed Kabuki Brush

I think this brush is great for contouring. I used it today and fell in love! If you are trying to contour your nose areas you can just pinch it and it works great!

My Final Thoughts!!

These brushes are amazing!!

I do wish they came with something to store them in but I have found a way to keep they stored where nothing will get on them... Will show you guys that later. I think these brushes excellent for the price and very much worth the buy. They are super soft and since they are small, they will travel great ( if you find a good way to pack them! ) I don't like my brushes getting dirty because if they do and I use them, there is a chance they will break out your face. That's why you don't want to just toss them in your make up bag. But I am sure I will figure something out! These brushes are very versatile and you can use them in any way that suits you. I think the flat top buff kabuki would also work great for foundation too!

All these brushes are cruelty - free taklon bristles with recycled aluminum handles. As I said, they are incredibly soft and really nice brushes. I think these would make any make up lover happy and they would also make great gifts.

So get out and find them!!!

K Jaggers

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