Tuesday, November 22, 2011

HUSBY'S White Chili Recipe

Scott decided that yesterday he was going to make a crock pot full of white chili to take into work. I don't like white chili but since husby was in the kitchen I decided to photograph him and share his recipe!


Ohh.. this isn't the normal way I post recipes but husby does not plan out cooking.. So its kinda fly by the seat of his pants!

Hopefully you can figure this out!!

He took a small package of Great Northern Beans and

soaked them for a couple of hours

Then he drained and rinsed and

drained them..

Into the

crock pot they went!

He added a few cups of

water and

put the lid on and let them start cooking on high.

Next up he

diced up some chicken tenderloins ( 1/2 package )

into very small cubes.

Then put them on the stove

to brown up.

While that was happening

he took some green chili's

and started cutting them up

into a tiny dice.

He also took a 1/2 of a large onion

and diced it up too.

he added the chicken, onion, and chili's to the crock pot

added some more water and stirred.

Then he took a palm full  ( about 3 tablespoons ) of

chili powder and

added it.. Along with about the same amount of garlic powder.

He cooked for hours on end. I think about 5 hours.

. and here how he serves it up.

He put a dollop of sour cream int he middle, more jalapenos and olives around it and chips along the rim of the bowl.

I was rather impressed how it looked.

You know, we all eat with our eyes first and I think it looks great!

Good job baby!

The reason I don't eat this is.. I don't eat beans and I don't eat really spicy food. I just can't do it but both Michael and Courtney tasted it and said it was really good!

Hope the guys like it for lunch tomorrow!!


K Jaggers

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