Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sunday Night Dinner.. with friends!

Last nights dinner was fairly simple and easy..

Here is what I decided to cook..

I found this little ham, that I thought would work perfect..

And for the rest of the dinner

I decided on corn, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese ( for Jake and I ) and bread.

Simple.. I wanted to spend time with my friends, not stuck in the kitchen!

Got the ham in the a baking dish

and in the oven

Then got busy setting the table

I decided to switch out the bread to

this bake at home loaf ( will do a review on this line of bread in the coming weeks )

Made all the sides..

( No pictures needed, you guys know how to make mashed potatoes, corn and mac n cheese! )

Got dinner

Served up..

quick and easy

but really good!

I was so hungry that I forgot to get a picture of my plate before I started eating but

this one will have to do! It was really good. I enjoyed it and have left overs for later today!

A great Sunday dinner with great



K Jaggers

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