Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kitty Cat WARNING..

I don't know how many of you have cats or kittens in your home. I have to assume a lot of you have them. Well, I am busy today doing laundry and I got the dryer emptied and went upstairs for a few seconds to get some of the dirty clothes and when I came back Willow was sitting inside the dryer while the kittens were playing on the floor below her.

In my house, I have a strick rule that no one leaves the dryer open. Because a lot of times, people open the dryer to grab out a clean shirt or something, and never close it. Scott knows this rule, Michael does, I am pretty sure anyone who has ever stayed in my house know this. It can be super dangerous to cats. Because if you are like us, and forget the clothes sometimes, we just shut the door and turn it back on to get the wrinkles out. If a cat is in there.. you can imagine what would happen.

I broke my own rule today and left that damn dryer open.

Now Willow was sitting right in the front but what if she was curled up and I didn't see her. Or what if it was one of those tiny kittens.

I just wanted to make this be known. This is a serious hazard to cats. They love warm clothes and they also love cozy little spots to curl up in and sleep.


I broke my own rule today. I doubt anything would have happened because I am aware of what can happen; and I would have checked before ever turning it on.  But what if I was so busy and didn't pay attention. Yea.. not good. You can google it and see that this is a common problem for cats. I know you guys love your pets like we do, and maybe this will save one from dying.

Put a sign up on the door to help remind you if need be.


K Jaggers

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