Sunday, November 13, 2011



I am barley awake as I type this. Is 124pm here and I guess it's not too late being I feel to sleep around 5am. I think it was more like 530am before I finally fell to sleep. I do wish sometimes that I could go to sleep at a reasonable time and get up earlier but too bad.. That's just not me, so I have to adapt to how my body is. I do think that if I took my medication earlier then I would go to sleep earlier. Maybe one day I will learn that!

I let the dog out on his lead just a few minutes ago and it was so much warmer today than what it was yesterday!! Thank goodness for that. Super Cooper is out on that lead enjoying some fresh air. I hate that we haven't purchased a invisible fence yet. Its so much work to install it and we have never had problems with the dog before so we haven't really needed it. But I am thinking it should be our next big purchase. Just really don't want to spend the money on it before the holidays so it might just have to wait.

Well, today even though I am getting a late start, I have a house to clean up. It will be an hour or so before I get started and being Scott comes home early today, I have to work fast. I know once he walks through the door, I will want to spend time with him. However, he might just put something dumb on tv and that might be best to keep me busy! However, I am still on my first cup of

so I have to wake up and clean up!

I have a handful of post that are already done and I will be getting them up through out the day. I also got the video done of my bathroom and make up. I don't know why that's one of the most requested things on this blog but it is. I hope the video is what you want and if not, email me and let me know what more you want to see!

Right now the kittens, Gabby and Willow are burning off some food energy. When I get up, feeding them is first, before coffee, before the news, and before the bathroom! So they ate and now they sound like a heard of horses running up and down the stairs and around the house. Gosh, they are cute! They are also messy. You should see what the kitchen floor looks like right now thanks to them!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

K Jaggers

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