Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today I didn't even check the mail box.. it happened just a few minutes ago and look at what I got today!!

Wooooo-hoooo!!! I was starting to think Target was forgetting me!! Really, I think they delay was because of our move not Target's fault!  If you didn't see the last one you can click HERE to see the post I did on it.. Now, I am sorry if you didn't get signed up to get one of these. I did a post a while back about it, but if you didn't do it, its too late now!

But here is the design of the little make up bag

The last one was purple and blue. I like this one better!

Here are the samples.. Last time their were more products than samples. I already got most of these samples in other ways but the one I am excited to try its the Ponds Evening Soothe Make up Towelettes. Will get a review up on them pretty soon.. because I have been wanting to try to them for a while!

Next time this comes around, I will be sure to tell you! I hope you get signed up because its always fun to get these bags in the mail!

Did you get the this Target Freebie??? What did you think of it!?

Let me know!!

K Jaggers

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