Monday, November 14, 2011

NOT the night I had hoped for.

Its 3am and I am enjoying a piece of chocolate cake thinking about tonight. It sure did not turn out like I had hoped. I am not going to get into too many of the details but let me tell you.. Woke up to an unexpected email today that was very surprising.. went on with that for a while. Then husby made me really upset. And then I ended up sending someone a email that was intended for someone else.. SIGH.. Guess I should have just stayed in bed today.. You know the Sunday's when we turn off all electronics; well that would have worked out great today!

I am sure this day will continue when the person who got the email reads it. They are not going to like what I had to say. But I just have to pay better attention and not make that mistake again. I remember my mom warning me about that. Yea.. not good!! But I will deal with it when I have to. I basically had a panic attack when I realized what I had done. You live and you learn.

Husby and I are doing just fine... It just proves to all you guys our marriage is not perfect. We have disagreements too. He apologized a few times and I am moving on from it. I don't see the point in staying upset and hopefully he understands why I got upset in the first place. I don't think it was his intentions at all to piss me off but as a result of his actions.. but he did! But that's married life. I should tell your right now that today I blocked that stalker. I found a site that blocks IP address's and I finally made it happen.. It took YEARS for me to figure this out. She told TODAY me that I only my husband  and marriage by feeding Scott, flattering Scott, and F****** Scott.  out. She tried logging on a insane amount of times too.  Well I posted that on facebook and you should see the thoughts on it. Clearly this girl is NOT married.. No way would words like that came out of any married woman's mouth because it is so much harder than just those 3 things. I did get a huge laugh out of it as did Scott. He said to me... " Am I really that easy!? " No Sir, your not!! I found it hilarious!!! Yes, those 3 things help but marriage is about much more than eating, flattery, or sex. I am sure she will try to log on again but I will catch her and block her over and over and over.. She has the right to say what she wants but I have the right to tell her to.... well you know!!

Anyway.. that is just not the way I wanted this evening and tonight to go. I am hoping and praying that tomorrow will be better. Not sure it will be since that email went out but whatever. I will move right past it and go on with my day. Nothing was a lie in it but sometimes the truth about something or someone can be a little harsh. Can't wait to tell my mom about this!!  If you are reading this mom, you might want to call me ( but not too early! )

Also, thank you to 2 of my girlfriends who really helped me tonight. I mean it.. I have some the best friends any person could ever hope to have. You both saved me from just having the worst panic attack ever!! Thank you both.. I love you guys.

Ok on to lighter thoughts.

I did get the WEEKEND NOTES done, so if you haven't checked out, please do so. Lots and Lots of great information on there for everyone!! I also did another Nuance Review up too.. You can get to it by clicking HERE. I still have many more to get up from that line. I will be pumping them out all week, along with some other reviews.. and one of them is for a great green tea that my friends sent me. So keep watching for those to come!

Well off to bed.. need a new day!


K Jaggers

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