Saturday, November 19, 2011


I am not too happy right now. You guys know me, I don't sugar coat things so I won't now. Our damn dog Cooper went after Willow tonight. Less than 30 minutes ago. They were in the entrance to the house and I heard him attack ( growl and rumble ). I jumped up and started screaming.. Mind you it was 130 am at this time. Scott came running down stairs. I went after the dog. I wanted to beat him to death. I didn't.. Instead I turned around, and went searching for the cat. I was really concerned that she was bitten hard. We found her hiding in the downstairs bathroom, scared to death. She wasn't bleeding but she was wet from him getting her. Of course Scott was defending the dog. I will say this now.. and say it to the world. If that dog bites one of the cats in this house.. hurts them, draws blood.. I swear on my life, I will shoot him dead right here in the house with one of my husband's guns. Since when did a golden retriever get mean? I'm serious.. this is a deal breaker for me. I will put my marriage in jeopardy before I have a dog that I am scared of. That's why I have always owned golden retrievers and this one by far is the worst one I have ever owned. His antics is proving to be too much for me. And Willow is one of the sweetest cats ever. She is never mean or bad. I can't believe he did that to her. I am not sure how I am going to handle this tomorrow. I am raging mad right now and I really want to take him to the pound, right now, at 2 am. I can't stand him at the moment and I don't know how I am going to work through this. I don't care what my husband's love for him is. I really don't. That might be wrong of me to say but enough is enough. We are having a serious talk about what is going to happen with him tomorrow. We know he is food aggressive, has been since he was a puppy. But tonight there was no food involved. None. I could go on and on with the things he has done this past year that is quickly becoming worse and worse. I am so upset you guys. I am going to call my mom asap tomorrow and talk to her about it. Maybe she will have an idea. Now I am scared that he will hurt one of the kittens and what happens if by some chance I am not home where I could stop it as I did tonight. Right now he is locked in the bedroom with Scott. I think I am going to leave a note and tell him that he better put him in the garage when he gets up. I don't know if he will but for the sake of peace he better. Because if not, he might just disappear. He can't be unsupervised around these kittens and cats right now. I am going to bring the house down over this. I see it now.. Its not going to be good.

Wow.. just that one act sure messed up my entire night and I am sure it will screw with tomorrow too. I don't know what his deal is. Scott thinks he is so gentle natured but that is far from the truth. He's aggressive and I wont stand to live in a house with a dog like that. Its just like those pit bulls. I hate them. I grew up with them and I think they are dangerous and I would divorce the same day my husband tried bringing in one of those dogs into my home. I really need to get this situation under control. This dog is running a muck around here. Someone seriously has to do something before its too late. You know what.. I will make a list tomorrow of EVERYTHING this gentle natured dog has done and let you guys be the judge. I want emails too.. Husby needs to hear from other people than just me about this.

Well, I did get a lot done around the house tonight. I woke late and didn't get much done until after Scott got home. But he went upstairs and watched tv while I worked on laundry and cleaned the kitchen. Lucky for me, I didn't have to cook again! I also managed to clean the frig out too! Thank goodness.

Tomorrow should be pretty easy. Not much going on except working around the house more. I am trying to get it all cleaned up. Its amazing how many messes only 2 people can make. But laundry is all caught up except the load that is drying and the load that is waiting to be dried. So at least that's basically done. 

Well I need to take some medication because I am raging mad at the dog and I will never get to sleep like this.

Talk to you tomorrow.

K Jaggers

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