Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Special Phone Call

Just thought I would mention that I called the kids school just a minute ago.. Since Cooper went missing she has been really upset.. She told me last night that yesterday was really hard for her in school because she kept thinking of Cooper missing...


I called the school and told them what happened and explained that today we finally found him.. I asked if they could deliver a note to her so she isn't so worried.. Well the very kind secretary said.. this requires a call!!!! She said she was going to call the classroom, speak to Brittany, let her know and I also told her to tell her that her mommy loves her very much! So I am sure Brittany loved that call she got a few minutes ago. I never ever bother her in school but I felt today was a great day to call with some very exciting news!!!

I am sure she felt like the most special little girl in the world when she got that special call!

Love you Princess!

Your prayers worked!!!

Love You..

K Jaggers

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