Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I was watching Oprah's Life Class the other night and she said she went to the Facebook headquarters and she said they had the above sign on one of  their walls.

Is that not a powerful question?

I wonder what your answer would be to this question.. My answer is a long list of things.. It really got me thinking.. and I am posing this question to YOU.. to get you thinking.. For me, since I heard this question.. I have thought of it 20x a day.. if not more.

I might do a post with my answers.. I might not.. but if you want to share your answers with me.. by all means.. shoot me an email to . I would love to hear from you.. But, mostly... I want you to think about it.. really hard.. and maybe..just maybe you will stop being a afraid and do what you are most afraid of. I am still working on this with myself. I just think this is one of the most profound questions I have ever heard..

Maybe, we should let it all inspire us

K Jaggers

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