Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tired with a side of Pain..=(

Hello friends. Its not too late.. Only about 115 am and I am heading to bed soon. I am tired and I have a headache. I took one of husby's pills but it isn't helping.. So going to try some Advil PM and being I am already sleepy I figure, it won't take me long to doze off. 

Scott got that cute picture of the cats tonight. He see's a cute picture and he grabs the camera! 

Those 3 babies went into the paper today.. It makes me sad to see them go. It really does. I hate it but I do kinda feel good after I find them a good home. I'm just going to miss them. 

Well today was a day of 

shopping and looking at 

Christmas displays. 

So much so, I found something that I liked..

I got all the stuff loaded

in the car and then headed to Walgreens.  I thought the sales at all the other drug stores sucked but I was going to give it one last try..

And if you saw in my other post.. 

I got a ton of stuff. To see it all more close you can just CLICK HERE to see it. I was totally happy with all the stuff I got! 

I was also happy that I got this

little tree for the kitchen! 

I found these adorable 

cupcake ornaments

and I also a few others too. I wanted to do all cupcakes but they only had 2 sheets left. I will be looking for more though!

It didn't take long to decorate..

Its so cute sitting on the counter!

I'm still not done with it..

I want to find some kind of really cute cupcake to put on top but I might have to settle for a bow!

I looooove these!

These are cute too!

I am pretty sure most of you know that I don't do red and green for Christmas. I personally think those colors are tacky. I do have a green tree, but every thing I put on it is pink. Its such a beautiful tree and its so girly! Even husby thinks its pretty. I will be working this weekend on getting it done. We are going to have to put it in the study because it has doors on it and will keep the cats from tearing it up! I think either tomorrow or Sunday he's even putting the lights up on the house! 

I think besides the make up one of my favorite things I got today was..

This adorable kitty cat ring holder!! I think its so cute! I want more of these not only for me but for gifts too! 

Scott and I did fast food tonight because I was busy today and didn't get dinner cooked. Well.. let me show you what just pisses me off. 

I got it super sized and they didn't even fill it up. I actually called about it and my entire big mac meal is going to be replaced any day I want to come get it. I don't know why they have to do shit like that. But I complain every time because its not right. If I wanted this side I would have ordered just a Medium. 

Anyway, tomorrow I don't think I am even leaving the house. I do need to go get some glasses because we have broke so many of ours but who knows if I will get to it. I want to sleep, drink coffee, pick up the house, love on my kitty cats, and play online. That's about it!! Ohhh.. and clean up the study so we can get the tree in there. 

Well, have a good night.. I am going to bed and start dreaming.. and this is early for me!!


K Jaggers

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