Monday, November 21, 2011




I am still trying to wake up.. Yep its around 130 pm but to me its like 9am!! I didn't get to sleep until really late and I am enjoying a hot cup of coffee with kittens bouncing all over the place! Earlier, Scott had the tv on so loud that I thought a war was happening right in my bed room with automatic weapons. Yea.. so I switched bed rooms and got some rest. We are having problems with our DVR box from Time Warner. It keeps freezing and then we have to reset it, which takes about 25 minutes. I am on hold with them right now. Pretty sure they are sending out a tech to come check it. What is going to upset me is if they want to replace this box because I will loose all my movies. Sigh.. Direct TV was so much better. We might have to switch back!

Last night I got WEEKEND NOTES & NOTES FOR THE UPCOMING WEEK and if you haven't read it, I would encourage you to look over it. Lots of sale info in it and tons and tons of really important information that will help in many ways.

I was going to invite some friends over for dinner tonight but I still feel kinda sick and I am afraid that I will get them sick. So can't really do that! I don't feel that bad but the cold is still lingering..I also need to run to the store in a bit.. kitty cats need food! =)

I figured Scott would be on the roof by now cleaning out the gutters but he is laying right next to me in his pjs watching some really bad tv. I can't believe the bad shows and movies he watches. PRAY FOR PATIENCE FOR ME.. ITS RUNNING THIN!

Well, I hope you guys have a great Sunday. I will be back later with more new post for you guys!


K Jaggers

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