Friday, November 25, 2011

Blessed Dreams to ALL

Hello friends. Its a late night here - shocker huh? - and I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving and a great Friday!!

I will try to not make this post too long, but no promises!!

For the most part, Scott and I had a very lazy day. We were lounging in the bed till after 3 pm. We had coffee, snacked up eventually ended up in bed watching tv! As you can see from the picture above, we were not too cleaned up today but I had to get a Thanksgiving picture! We don't have to look beautiful all the time.. because to each other we are beautiful every day in every moment. Cheesy but true!

We took off to town and was heading to dinner and ended up stopping by our friends, Rick and Karen's for a few minutes to say hi!

They already have..

their tree up!!

with a pretty little star on top! She was busy decorating while I was there!

We hadn't seen them in a while and it was nice hanging out. Her laptop is on the fritz and I brought it home to see if I could help... nope. I think its over heating and causing all kinds of problems. Wish I could have done more, but I feel a little better about her taking it some where after looking at it.

Anyway, Scott and I headed out to Golden Corral for dinner. It was busy there all day. We got there a little late, about an hour before closing and it wasn't too bad. I didn't want to go here. I really didn't. However, I put off finding a restaurant and making reservations so this was husby's suggestion.

But here is some fun Thanksgiving Facts..


Yep.. we are a part of that statistic this year.

I got there. Buffets as long as the building..

I got mostly " Thanksgiving Type " food but I did mix in a little Chinese too!

Plus a plate of other goodies.

I don't know what kind of veggie casserole this was..

but I loved it.

By then it was time to head to the dessert bar.

That chocolate fountain had my name all over it.

I couldn't wait to get a whole bunch of goodies!

Is this not beautiful.. All kinds of yummy things in chocolate..

Everything from pineapple, strawberry's, marshmallows, rice crispy treats, macaroons, and cake.

I was in heaven. I made a complete mess. I had chocolate all over me from my ears to my nose and it was just bliss..

Scott was just laughing left and right taking the napkin and wiping my face for me!

After the first plate was almost gone, he thought it was time to leave.. NOT.. I wanted more chocolate covered pineapple. He wanted me to leave the tip but I refused until he got me more dessert!!

Long and behold he came back with

only 3 because we got kicked out of the chocolate fountain because they were closing it. That's ok.. I had had enough and if I would have stayed longer, I would have definitely ate more chocolate! This was better than cooking and cleaning. I wasn't exhausted at all with the day. This was not the restaurant I wanted. I was thinking white liens but surprisingly it was rather good.

What I did miss was my family and Scott's family. This year we all pretty much stayed in our own areas of the country and only spent Thanksgiving with who was in our immediate lives. I have to say, I rather didn't like it and hopefully next year we will all be together. I missed the kids too. Of course I didn't hear from my father.. He better watch out, with all he's doing, he might just win the father of the year award. Sorry.. just had to say it. One I thing I have learned is that I will not treat my kids like he treats his. No way, No how. It would have been nice to hear from him but I didn't figure I would. Whore Hope was only there an hour or so, and unable to really rub off on the kids during that time. Like I said, she has her own family.. I just wish she would stick with them and leave mine alone. She might be blood but all that went the window years ago. I try to not speak of her too much anymore because she is just not worth my time or thoughts but she imposed herself tonight and that's nothing new. Glad I don't have to think about her anymore for a while. I don't really hide my feelings to anyone about her and it was kinda funny because tonight Brittany and I were just giggling about her. When all else fails.. LAUGH!!

We made our way back home and saw one of our neighbors house all

decorated up. Does that not look like the most beautiful American house. I actually think I will go back another night and video it because this picture just doesn't do it justice. Its Beautiful and I love it!

I am finishing the night off with

a wonderful glass of eggnog.

And Gizmo is

laying here beside of me all tuckered out from our big Thanksgiving day!

I am thankful for so many things. I have a beautiful family and even though we didn't all spend Thanksgiving together we all talked many times through out the day which made it easier. I really did miss my mom and I don't know if I am going to spend another Thanksgiving or Christmas without her again. I didn't like it. I almost teared up at dinner because she wasn't with me. Sounds crazy right? She can be one of the biggest pains in my ass but I sure love her to death and I don't like not spending holidays with her. Last year we were at her house for Christmas and I am really really happy this year she is coming here and next year, we will have to go back! I love Scott's family too and you know what's great is, we have just mingled the two families right together on more than one occasion and it has worked out great! I missed his mom today too. I think many of us would have given anything to have her here with us. I am sure she was with each and everyone of us in spirit. I know she was. Same goes for my grandfather and brother. They all surrounded us with love.

Even though, I missed a lot of people, my life with Scott is enough. I know if it was just US for the rest of our lives, I would be ok. I prefer our families but it is just us, that's ok too. My home is where he is and that makes me extremely thankful. My wish is everyone feels the love in their lives like I feel for him. however, he was annoying the shit out of me today with his bad tv and messes that he likes to make. He cooked himself an omelet and didn't clean anything up. But I went right behind him and got it straightened back up! Being messy is just part of my hubsy that I don't know if I will ever be able to change!

~  On To Blogger Notes ~

I got an email today about some of the pictures I have been posting lately of housewives back in the 1950's. The first wanted to know what my inspiration is or was and where am I finding the pictures at?
( I would just copy and paste the email but I am too lazy right now! )

Maybe a month or so ago I watched Mona Lisa Smile. I hadn't seen it in years and when I watched I was really taken by the time, the look, the attitudes, and I am just kinda following that lead a little bit. I have just been searching online for pictures an magazines from the 50's and 60's and the more I read the more consumed with the time, I get. I love the pen curls, the make up, the clothes, the housewife attitude, I love it all. So I am sure you will be seeing more pictures from those times. Clearly these are not my own pictures and if you like them, feel free to click on them and save. I am not near as picky as most bloggers when it comes to pictures. I don't mind a bit if someone uses something off this blog. I prefer that my exact words are not posted but I am not going to make a huge deal out of it either which way. But yes, I am finding more and more pictures from the 50's and you will be seeing them in upcoming post!


I also changed up the blog a little bit. I took A LOT of stuff off. I was tired with how full of crap it was. I am sorry if I deleted your pets pictures but I figured they belong on the kitty blog, not this one. I also changed labels to a " cloud " and the archives of this blog are now in a drop down menu that you can find right under the " I LOVE SCOTT BLINKIE " Its a lot smaller now, you will have to look for it.


I did get the THANKSGIVING MARRIED LIFE POST up today so if you haven't checked it out.. please do and send me your thoughts - -


Speaking of that post, I have added some new links at the top of the right hand column. You will see the link for the WEEKEND NOTES first and then you will see one for - Married Life  - , - Our Cattery -, and for our - fairytale-. Just click the pictures and you will get to the either the post or the websites. Pretty easy stuff and looks much better now instead of the way it was!


I do think I am going to change up the big picture at the top tomorrow night sometime. I will probably leave the tree picture but add it to a new frame that I like better!


About Black Friday.. I know its late, but I am not staying up, just to go shopping. I did post a lot of the Black Friday information for you guys but for me, I don't like to get out in the cold, early in the morning to go shop. I just don't care for it. I do have to shop tomorrow but I am hoping to miss the crowds. I am going to go to CVS and see what I can find on sale, and I am also going to do some shopping for household, and do maybe a little Christmas shopping. Not sure about that yet. I also have  to spend the evening paying bills. Yep, doesn't that SUCK!! I am just glad to be able to pay them all.. thank you baby! I wonder how many of you guys are going Black Friday shopping. I would love it if you emailed me and let me know if you found any incredible deals!


Well friends, I am heading to bed and will talk talk to you when I get up. I will have a busy day tomorrow so I won't be doing much blogging till the evening!

Hope everyone has a GREAT FRIDAY!!


K Jaggers

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