Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday - Shopping -

Happy Friday!!

I hope all you Black Friday shoppers are having a blast today!!

I am waking up and enjoying some coffee and then heading out myself. I pray the crowds are not as big being it's in the afternoon right now. I didn't even fall asleep till after 5 am so I am not moving too fast yet. 

I am going to be out for a while shopping but not like many of you. My kitty's need supplies and so does that dumb dog! Plus we need somethings for the house too. I am really hoping to not fight all the crowds today. I wouldn't be going at all if I had a choice. I am however, going to go to the drugstores first and see if I can find any good deals even at this late hour. Fingers Crossed I find some goodies!

Well, I got to get going. I just wanted to say hi!

Talk to you in a few hours!

Ohhh. I do have fill in the _______ blank Friday post done and it will be up before I leave!

K Jaggers

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