Wednesday, November 23, 2011

GOBBLE GOBBLE - Thanksgiving Sweet Treat!!

No Thanksgiving feast would be complete without a turkey…
Or maybe even a whole gobbling rafter of them!

Two-bite Turkeys
Two-bite brownies
 ( You can either buy these or make them with a mini cupcake pan )

Chocolate frosting

Chocolate jimmies-sprinkles

Shortbread cookies (Murray)

1/3c. chocolate chips
M&M Mini’s
Malted milk chocolate balls (bulk candy)

Edible eyes (Michael’s)

Yellow candy-coated sunflower seeds

Strawberry fruit by the foot

Miniature cupcake liners

Gallon & quart-size zipper bags

Melt chocolate chips and transfer to a quart-size zipper bag. Seal and snip a tiny amount from one corner with clean kitchen shears.

To create turkey tail fans, squeeze five small dots of melted chocolate onto top half of shortbread cookies and quickly apply M&M’s in colors of your choice.

For faces, use melted chocolate to adhere two edible eyeballs, one yellow sunflower seed beak, and a wattle cut from a narrow strip of red fruit roll, to each malted milk chocolate ball.

Set all body parts aside, allowing “chocolate glue” to dry completely before assembling turkeys.
Spoon frosting into a gallon-size zipper bag, seal, and remove one corner with shears. Pipe mounds of frosting onto two-bite brownies.

Holding brownies securely by their bottoms, gently roll wet frosting in a shallow bowl filled with chocolate jimmies for a feathered look.

Invert brownies and insert into cupcake papers. Decorate each iced brownie with one colorful turkey tail, followed by a turkey head.

Arrange atop your Thanksgiving dessert buffet and enjoy!

I love this recipe.. I won't be making it because I am not hosting a Thanksgiving dinner but its not too late to get the stuff and make these if you want to get them done by Thursday!!

K Jaggers

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