Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nails - Wet n Wild # 214 A - CAUGHT RED HANDED

Last night since I was feeling so bad thought what better time to paint my nails.. Wasn't like I was doing much of anything else..

I picked out a " newish " Wet N Wild polish that I had never tried once since buying it..

# 214  - Caught Red Handed -

I am surprised at how well this polish went on and I think its a really pretty red. It has a bit of sparkle to it.. barely even noticeable to the eye. The polish is a more sheer red showing the nail line, and I don't really like that with dark colors. So this is 4 coats of polish with a top coat.

You guys know, I have paid someone for over 5 years to do my nails. I just suck at it but I am getting better!! I didn't mess up hardly at all when painting my nails this color. Should have painted my toe nails this color too but for tonight.. finger nails was it!

Love this color for this time of the year!

Any of you guys tried it yet?? Let me know!!

K Jaggers

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