Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Who does LAYAWAY???? → Here's Your Answers ←

With Christmas fast approaching, its time to get shopping. I know many many of you guys struggle with buying Christmas.. Hell, I even struggle with it too at times. We have a large family and it takes a lot to get everything bought for them. I am not going to be doing a TON of big gifts this year. Believe it or not, a lot of people are cut out of my holiday list and I am making some gifts too.. Little kitchen and cooking gifts.. But we all have people to buy for and I wanted to let you know who does layaway. Now you don't have much time, so you are going to have to get on it asap!!

Christmas layaway used to be more popular…. and then it slowly faded away. However, given our economic times, more and more stores have once again begun to offer this option to help consumers.

I wish I would have got this list put together sooner. Sorry for the delay!!

. Walmart is offering “Christmas Layaway” for Toys, Electronics and Fine Jewelry instores. 10% down payment plus $5 service fee. Total purchase must be over $50 (each item over $15). Final payment and pickup must be made by December 16th, 2011.

ToysRUs – Instore only. 20% down payment plus $5 service fee. 50% must be paid within 45 days and the final balance within 90 days

Sears Layaway is “the easy way to pay” – Available in-store or online. Pay down payment of $20 or 20% (whichever is greater) plus $5 service fee, and make payment every two weeks.

Kmart – Available in-store or online. Pay down payment of $15 or 10% (whichever is greater) plus $5 service fee, and make payments every two weeks.

Best Buy – In-store only. 25% down payment plus 5% layaway fee. Item/s must total $250 or more. Make payments every two weeks. – spread out payments for 6 months on electronics (including Bose, iPod, Game Bundles, HDTVs and more) with Easy Pay.

Home Shopping Network offers “Flexpay, better than Layaway” – Online only. Buy electronics now (HDTVs, Printers, Wii’s, Computers, etc), pay off over time – with no fees or interest.

Now, some of these stores you can still do layaway for birthdays or whatever, not just Christmas.. Just check with the store you want to shop at and find out!

K Jaggers

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