Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sunday Dinner..

So Sunday I had to take my mind off the search for the dog and we needed to eat. I finally got up and got dinner fixed.. Its nothing that extraordinary but it sure was good. 

I know I normally take picture of all the ingredients first.. please forgive me. I was not really thinking about cooking or blogging during this time. So I will just tell you.. 

We had Steaks, fried potatoes, and peas.. 

Here it is..  

I got some potatoes peeled up and sliced.. along with dicing some onions up. I did cheat with the pre minced garlic.. 

In the mean time, I got the oil in the skillet heating up along with the indoor grill.. 

To move the potatoes and onions from the cutting board, I used my baking bench scraper. This tool is one of the handiest tools to have in a kitchen.. It works really well to transfer anything from the cutting board to the stove. GET ONE, if you don't already own a bench scraper! 

In the skillet they went were they cooked on medium heat with a lid.. The lid traps the heat in and helps cook them all the way through.. otherwise they will brown and still be hard. So use a lid with this kind of potato dish. 

For the peas, I grew up eating them this way.. and by far its one of the best ways ever to eat them! 

Melt a tablespoon or two of butter in a pot. 

Take a couple teaspoons of minced onions and brown them in the butter. 

You have to stand over them and keep stirring because they will burn fast!  

Add your frozen peas... ( I will not eat canned peas.. they are just plain nasty in my opinion.. either fresh or frozen ONLY ) 

In the mean time I just put some steak marinade on them right  

in the package. I like to poke them with a fork first.. so the marinade kinda seeps into them.

Soon after, they were on 

the grill and cooking away.. I had a friend ask where she could get one of these indoor grills. I have 2 of them, and I got one at Walmart for around $ 30.00 and the other one my mom got. These are great great items to have in the kitchen. On one side is the grill and the other side is the griddle.. great for pancakes! 

Here was my little kitchen helper. Every night I pick a new kitten to sit on the stool and watch me cook. Believe it or not.. they love it! 

And here was dinner.. I know the potatoes are the norm for a steak dinner but they were super good and I loved this dinner.. and so did my husby ! 

Swagger waving bye!! 

K Jaggers

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