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This is just the first of many Salma Hayek products that is coming up this week..Sold exclusively at CVS...  I have decided to do them one by one because it was just easier and its easier for others to find that way too..

So on with the review..

Here is the Salma Hayek

Nuance Smooth and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

These are just the sample sizes - 2 ounces and they cost around $ 2.99 each at CVS.. If you want to see that haul you can click HERE . The Full size is 10 ounces and retails for around $ 7.99 each.

I picked the Smooth and shine over the one for color treated hair. I have thick hair that is cut in a bob like style and I like it smooth..

For the Shampoo it says it has Quinoa Seed extract and Soy Protein to help condition, repair and protect for shiny, healthy hair. Avocado Oil is rich in vitamins, proteins and amino acids, which help fortify and nourish hair. Acai, Passion Fruit, and Rice Bran Oils to help prevent split ends and dryness for soft silky hair.

It says for the conditioner it has Quinoa Seed Extract & Wheat Protein to help condition, repair and protect for shinny, healthy hair. Olive Oil helps lock in the moisture.. Active Biomimetic Nutrient Complex helps fortify hair for a brilliant, smooth sine.

Also I should note that the shampoos and conditioners in this line are all Paraben Free and Not tested on Animals.

Here is how the shampoo and conditioner look.. The shampoo is clear and pretty thin while you can see the conditioner is more thick..

First thing I want to talk about is the the bottle..

When any shampoo or conditioner comes in a bottle like this, it sends a red flag to me.. First off when you have wet hands it has no kind of grip on it, making it very hard to squeeze out. And when it comes to squeezing it out, when you have a cap that opens like this

makes it real hard to get the product out. For me, the shampoo came out much easier of this than the thicker conditioner did.

I don't have strong hands and bottles like this makes it really hard to get either, the shampoo and conditioner out. I HATE bottles designed like this..

Ok.. on to what I think about the products themselves..

First off, you will notice a really really nice smell of what reminded me of spring flowers. I kid you not, this is one of the BEST smelling shampoo and conditioner that I ever used..

The shampoo lathered up reasonably well.  Rinsed out clean without much effort..

The conditioner smelled just as good and felt pretty light on my hair. I left it in for about 5 minutes and then rinsed it out.

I ended up just towel drying my hair and letting it go.. I don't use many items on my hair.. including heat items. The smell lingered around for a couple hours but then I noticed it starting to fade away.

When I woke up today.. I have to say, my hair was shinny and smooth.. Even after a night of me tossing and turning in bed.. it was smooth.. and shinny!!!

I loved that.. I think this is a pretty good shampoo and conditioner just with that fact alone.. However... the bottle does it for me.. I will not be repurchasing this because its so hard to get the product out of the bottle.. If this is never a problem for you.. then might work well for you.

My top 3 drug store shampoos are.. John Freida, Pantene, and Aussie... and so far those are the one's I am going to be sticking too. I think $ 7.99 per bottle is kinda expensive for a drug store shampoo.. again the only one I pay that kind of money for in a drug store shampoo is John Freida.

I did like this.. I will get at least one more use out of these trial sizes.. probably 2 more uses.. and I will have to just take the lid off entirely to be able to get the product out. Yes.. If you are just crazy about this shampoo, I  suppose you could transfer it to other " pump " style bottles or I think now, you can just find pumps to buy and put on any size bottle.. that might work great with these.

If I do find those pumps for a cheap price, and see these go on sale.. maybe buy one get one free ... I would repurchase.. otherwise, for me they are staying on the shelves.

Stay tuned for many other reviews from this line!

K Jaggers

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