Saturday, November 26, 2011

HUGE Walgreens Haul + A Few things from Walmart!!!!

As many of you guys know, I went out today...and was nervous about being among the black Friday shoppers. I was lucky that I didn't have any issues with it. I went out to all the drug stores to see what I could find. I figured all the drug store beauty items would be disorganized and nothing left. Well CVS sucked and so did Rite Aid. They barley had any beauty products a lower price than what they normally are. 

Well Walgreens was the WINNER today!! 

I was so happy to go in there and see all the sales! 

I got a ton of stuff.. I will be doing swatches and reviews in the weeks to come but tonight I wanted to show you what I got. I only paid full price for 3 things.. the rest was on sale. I got my receipt and I will try to keep straight what everything cost but I will try! 

So here is the haul in full!!

22 items total

I had to take the pictures on my dining room table because it was so big and 

look at how was up in the chair at the table watching.. Isn't Gizmo cute!

So one of the items I paid full price for was 

Eco Tools Limited Edition Beautiful Expressions Kabuki Set. 

( I will do a full post on these tomorrow ) 

I also saw this adorable 

Cat Ring Holder. I know this is really not a beauty item per say but it does kinda fit with beauty! 

I love it.. In fact, I think I am going back to get another. One for beside my bed and one for in the kitchen when I am cooking! 

The next thing I paid full price for is these

make up removers. I will do a full post and review on these tomorrow or Sunday.. I tried these the first time when my Free Target Beauty Bag came in [ see post HERE ] I am loving these right now and can't wait to tell you why! 

The last item I paid full price for was this 

Elf Holiday Edition in Natural Eye. 

And just so you guys know I will tell the prices of the 3 above items when I review them. 

But here is what I found on sale!!

First with the eyeshadows..

Ok.. With the Revlon Color Stay quad was $ 3.59 and the other 2 shadows were $ 1.10 each!!


On to blush and bronzers.. 

The Malini Baked Bronzer was $ 4.00 and the Revlon Blush was $ 1.50. 

They also had this 

Cover Girl Professional Mascara for $ 2.99

Now lip items.. 

Ok.. I had fun with the lip products!!

The 2 Relvons on the left were 4.59 each , The Rimmels that are in the middle were $ 2.69 each and the Revlon on the end was $ 3.99. The Gloss was 3.49. 

Then the nail products were calling my name!!

The deal on these polishes and strips was amazing! 

The Sally Hansen polishes in the middle was $ 2.59 each

The Essie polish was $ 4.00

The Rimmel Polish was 2.99 and the last polish on the right is Sally Hansen Salon polish that cost $ 2.99.

The Salon Effects was $ 3.99

Last but not least I am going to go ahead and include what I picked up at Walmart.. 

Some more Conditioner, moisturizer, floss and of course, Oprah's new magazine!!


Now, I should explain to you guys, that this is a marker sale.. What I mean is all these items had those little dots on the displays of which items were on sale. So not all products from the line were these prices!! You will have to just go in to YOUR Walgreens and see what you find!!

Clearly, I found a lot and I wasn't in there till after 4 pm. 

So, get there and check it out!!

I will do swatches and reviews over the weekend!!


K Jaggers

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